Jose Garrido

Full Stack Developer


My personal info

Full stack developer, systems designer and manager on a variety of technical and creative projects focused on web development, entrepreneurship, process automation and business intelligence.

Personal Information
  • Name: Jose Garrido
  • Age: 26 years old
  • Location: Deerfield Beach, FL
  • Email:
  • Degree: Computer Science
My Story

I'm a highly skilled PHP Developer with 6 years of experience in web and software development. My current main area of interest is in Laravel projects. I have strong experience creating complex PHP projects, performing DevOps tasks by setting up and managing servers and everything needed to deliver the project from the ground up.

I have wide knowledge of many modern technologies in web development stack -- from the DevOps and server optimization (Ubuntu, Fedora, Apache) to server-side programming (PHP, Laravel, Wordpress, MySQL, ElasticSearch, Memcached) to client-side programming (HTML5 APIs, Javascript ES6, VueJS).

I have a Computer Science Bachelor in the University Simón Bolívar in Caracas, Venezuela.

My Hobbies
Work hard, play harder
  • Movies
  • Travel
  • Music
  • Beach
  • Sports
  • Gaming


Know Who I am

I'm very good at using my previous experiences and skills to solve problems and tackle new challenges. I also grasp new ideas or concepts quickly and like to take the initiative to learn.

lead web developer
  • Bitcoin Investment Group
  • Venezuela

Managed a group of three programmers (including myself) in order to develop a website for a Bitcoin investment company. This website provides the client a way to monitor real time their servers, manage investors, contracts, payments and a variety of other functionalities.

Technologies used: Ruby on Rails, Laravel, CSS, HTML, jQuery, Postgresql, Python, AWS.

sr web developer
  • OneWayCargo
  • Venezuela

Developed from the ground up a website to manage a Cargo & Freight Company. This website allows the administrators to handle their customers, packages, cargo, communications and many other functionalities. Also built the website for the same client This website is connected to their current backend to allow user registration and login from their customers so they can track and review their packages.

Technologies used: PHP, Laravel, CSS, jQuery, MySQL, AWS.

sr web developer
  • Banco de la Provincia
  • Argentina

Designed, developed and deployed a system to manage efficiently several gigabytes of data, millions of entities that could be handled, queried and exported in a matter of milliseconds using top-notch big data tools. Worked along a group of data scientist who used the tools I provided with this project.

Technologies used: PHP, CSS, HTML, jQuery, ElasticSearch, Couchbase, Postgresql.

sr web developer
  • Neuvoo
  • Canada

B2B Chief Engineer, Web Developer, Product Manager, SEM Chief Engineer, Team Leader and Quality Assurance Agent. During this period I designed and developed several processes and websites which dramatically increased the income perceived by the company. I was also in charge of the B2B department of the company creating and maintaining applications for our clients, managing a team of 2 co-workers and being in constant communication with the sales team in order to satisfy our client’s needs.

Technologies used: PHP, CSS, HTML, jQuery, Mysql, ElasticSearch, Couchbase, RabbitMQ, AWS, SEM, SEO, Adwords, Wordpress, Linux, CasperJS, PhantomJS.

jr web developer
  • ePubli
  • Germany

ePubli is a print and eBook publishing company located in Berlin. My main objective in the company was developing a system that recommended the users which pages they should print in color and black-white in order to minimize costs for them and maximize revenues for the company.

Technologies used: Artificial Intelligence (Unsupervised Algorithms / Clustering), PHP, Java, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Linux.

jr web developer
  • Neuvoo
  • Canada is one of the leading job boards in Canada. My tasks during this period included analyzing and extracting data from web pages so it can be added automatically to a centralized database. Working with web crawlers and extract only the information that was needed.

Technologies used: PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery, phpQuery, Linux, Mysql.

Bachelor Degree - Computer Science
  • Universidad Simón Bolívar
  • Venezuela

I am a Computer Scientist with majors in Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineer and Database Optimization.

During my career I worked on several student organizations and side projects: Provided support and maintenance to 80 workstations and 7 *Nix servers, developed several technical projects as Chief Technology Delegate of the Student Center and I became the first Microsoft Student Partner in my University.


how good i'm

Always up-to-date with the latest technologies and state of the art algorithms. Self-learner, problem-solver and solution-driven developer. This is my favorite set of tools if I'm working on your project.

  • Google Analythics & SEO
  • Wordpress
  • PhantomJS
  • React
  • Linux Administration
  • Vue.js
  • Adwords / Adsense
  • API
  • Bitcoin
  • Process Automation
  • Selenium
  • Database Design


what my clients get

The client requirements shapes the project and I follow those guidelines. From a basic website to a full blown web platform I'm capable of delivering short and large sized projects.

product management

I transform your ideas into a real product you can use for you bussiness or personal benefit.

web development

The core of my services is the web development. Clean and professional.


Your brand and design will be perfectly merged with the code in the final product.

Search Engine Optimization

Using the best SEO techniques your site will rank higher in the search results.

Hosting and Infraestructure

Working only with the best hosting providers so your website will have 100% uptime.

Tech support

Support is a very important and underestimated area that I can take good care of.

work process
How I work in my projects


recent projects

My portfolio will show you all the projects I've worked on as a hired developer or as a freelancer. Feel free to check any of them and let me know if you have any questions.

Sr Web Developer - Job Aggregator
Web Developer - Cargo & Freight Company
Jr Web Developer - Book Publishing & Printing
Lead Web Developer - Bitcoin Mining
Parkinson Carabobo
Web Developer - Nonprofit Organization
Web Developer - Medicines and Laboratories
Seguros Mercantil
[Internship] Jr Web Developer - Insurance Company
Web Developer - Blinds and Floors
Web Developer - Gaming Site
Web Developer - Gaming Site


choose your package

The price of your project will vary depending on the scope, complexity, timelines and technologies involved among other factors. I can give you a quote starting at $399 for the most basic website but we can talk the details and figure out a price that will be suitable for your needs.

Basic Website

1499 per website
  • Wireframing
  • Web Development
  • Javascript Coding
  • Wordpress
  • other options

Web Developer

34 per hour
  • Web Development
  • Server Administration
  • Quality Assurance
  • Extended Support
  • other options


  • System Design
  • Web & Software Development
  • Infrastructure Operations
  • Product Management
  • You name it!